Our Dark Halloween

Our Dark Halloween
Nu/New Wave
Uhrzeit Band Titel Bemerkung
22.30 Dancing Plague No Drive DJ J
Nachtportier Die Gestalten
Dormir In Pursuit (Buzz Kull Mix)
Formicatra Wishfull Thinking
Hord Teen Offers
I Hate Models Walpurgisnacht
23.15 FORCES Ice (Fleisch Edit) DJ L
June Direct Contact DJ J
//Tense// Versus Man DJ L
High Functioning Flesh Rigid Embraces
Petra Flurr Medizine DJ A
Regressverbot Kids of December
Inhalt Vehicle
Rue Oberkampf Camera DJ J
Qual Benevolent Technologies DJ A
Selofan Ist die Liebe tot? DJ J
Kalte Nacht Eye Candy
This Cold Night Circuits
23.45 Supernova 1006 Going Wrong (Paradox Obscure RMX) DJ L
Cold Cave You & Me And Infinity
Holygram Still There DJ A
Hapax Hands
My best Fiend Reckless DJ J
Der Kreis Shadows
Brandenburg Only You
Human Tetris Things i don't need DJ A
L'an 2000 Strangers DJ J
Motorcade Walk With Me
Twin Tribes Still In Still DJ L
Ash Code Dry Your Eyes
Strangers From The Past Wrong
00.45 Second Still In Order DJ A
New Today Wake Up Call
Bragolin Into Those Woods
Buzz Kull Into The Void DJ J
Priest Populist
Equinoxious Cosmodromo (feat. Kristall Ann)
Blind Delon Edouard
Client Pornography DJ A
Creux Lies Sillhouettes DJ L
Veil Veil Vansish Change In The Neonlight
Geometric Vision Fire! Fire! Fire!
Traitrs The Suffering Of Spiders DJ J
Talk To Her Nightfall
She Past Away Katharsis (Buzz Kull Mix) DJ A
Under The Skin Wave
Panic Priest The Holy Ghots (Mr. Kitty Mix) DJ L
Mr. Kitty Insects
Vogue Noir feat. Drift Segments
Venger feat. Great Link Pertubator
La Scaltra Sonar Danse DJ J
The Purge Only Black
X-In June The Lord
Black Light Ascension Dark Angels
Agent Side Grinder Mag 7
Led Er Est Port Isabel
02:30 Caos Dark Door DJ L
Under The Skin Undone
Second Still Sleep
Delphine Coma Is This Forever
Detachments Chain Of Secrets
Sumerian Fleets On To You
Qual How Many Graves DJ J
Night Haze Replaced
Paradox Obscur Flesh
Mitra Mitra Telescopes
Whispering Sons White Noise DJ A
Skeleton Hands Shadows
Tempers Hell Hotline DJ L
Adam Usi Transnistria
Hante The Storm DJ J
Fragrance Collapse
Bragolin This Grotesque Dance
L'Avenir The Stranger
JH-X9 New Way Of Life DJ L
SDH Tell Them
Boy Harsher Motion
Cellar Graves Witching Hour (Blackcell Mix)
Trentemoller Complicated DJ A
Soft Moon We Are We
04:00 Carlo Onda Shadows In The Night DJ J
Egoprisme Etendard
Null + Void Where I Wait (Hacker RMX)
Liste Noire Shame DJ L
Vogue Noir Crush!
First Hate Trojan Horse
Ben Bloodygrave Ich schau Dir in die Augen
Gen Null Hey Maschine
Kontrollenhet Upp och sta DJ J
Le Prince Harry No Brain DJ L
Lifeless Past Neithe Cute Nor Clever
Wisborg Becoming Caligari
Sextile One Of These DJ A
spät Rendez Vous Euroshima
Stuttgart-Schwarz 6.0
Organisation: DJ Dave
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