Our Dark Summer

Our Dark Summer
Dark Planet
The Vibe
Uhrzeit Band Titel Bemerkung
22:00 Men without Hats Ban the Game DJ Jolly
Pet Shop Boys Your funny Uncle
Duran Duran Ordinary World
Björk Moon
Passion Noir Joy of Hate Vol. 1
The Legendary Pink Dots I love you in your tragic Beauty
Rome August Spies
Vicious Pink 8:15 to Nowhere
Leather Strip We deserve it all
22:30 China Crisis Wishful Thinking DJ Val
The Cure Apart
Diorama Drowned
Deine Lakaien Mindmachine
Covenant Happy Man
XTR Human Torn Apart
The Dust of Basement Despair w
23:00 Anne Clark Our Darkness
De/Vision Try to forget
Depeche Mode World in my Eyes
Solar Fake Under the Skies
Apoptygma Berzerk Shine on
Placebo Song to say Goodbye
Crüxshadows Deception
Destroid Lucretia my Reflection
23:30 Diorama Kein Mord
Project Pitchfork Souls DJ Jolly
Santa hates you Scum
Tyske Ludder Meskalin
S.P.O.C.K. Never trust a Klingon
Bigod 20 The Bog Short Mix
VNV Nation Precipiece
Ruined Conflict Chamber of Imfarmy
Welle : Erdball Starfighter F-104-G
Depeche Mode Going Backwards Soulfood Remix
Codex Riechst Du das ?
Blutengel Anders sein Wunsch
23:30 Hocico Untold Blasphemies DJ Val
Diva Destruction The Broken Ones
IAMX Spit it out
Project Pitchfork Rain
Vive la Fete il pleut
Depeche Mode Precious
Covenant Like Tears in Rain
01:00 Diorama Erase me
Mono Inc Voices of Doom
ASP Ich will brennen w
Placebo Slave to the Wage
Diary of Dreams O Brother Sleep
Boa And then she kissed her
Editors Papillon
01:30 Deine Lakaien Where you are
In the Nursery Blue Religion DJ Jolly
Faith & The Muse Cantus
Vive la fête Noir désir Wunsch
Eisbrecher Was ist hier los ?
Megaherz Miststück
Funker Vogt Der letzte Tanz Kurzmix
Covenant Call the Ships to Port
Noisuf-X Banzai
And One U-Boot Krieg in Ostberlin Wunsch
Wolfsheim The Sparrows & The Nightingales Wunsch
Mesh Born to lie
02:30 VNV Nation Ilusion Wunsch
Nick Cave Where the wild Roses grow feat.Kylie Minogue
Ashbury Heights Smaller DJ Val
Covenant We stand alone w
Apop Kathy´s Song Victoria Rmx
Krupps & Client Der Amboss w
Combichrist Get your Bodybeat
03:00 Depeche Mode Everything counts
IAMX I come with Knives
Kirlian Camera Eclipse
Diorama Synthesize me
Frozen Plasma Warmongers DJ Edit
Helium Vola Omnis Mundi Creatura
Mao Tse Tung Experience Irregular Times
03:45 And One Für DJ Jolly
Pet Shop Boys Love etc. Sexy Mix
Klangstabil Math & Emotion The Square Root of Thee
The Sisters of Mercy More
Within Temptation Mother Earth
Mono Inc. Together till the End
She past away Kasvetil Kutlama
The Cure High
Love Like Blood Doomsday
Peter Heppner Das geht vorbei
04:30 Oswald Sattler Danke für diesen guten Morgen
Stuttgart-Schwarz 6.0
Organisation: DJ Dave
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